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Oudendijk cheese overwhelms you with its amazing flavour! This flavour is not just a coincidence.

While the eye falls for the lovely, light yellow rind of OudenDijk Young, it is the fulsome, fresh and vibrant flavour that makes an impression in the mouth.



OudenDijk Mature cheese is left to age on wooden shelves for five months. It gains in flavour and creamy texture to provide pure joy for your taste buds.




Mature cheese that is left to age on wooden shelves for a year.


Distinctive cheese that has matured for up to 1000 days! Pungent and full of character; it is the perfect cheese for connoisseurs!



Tasty OudenDijk Light contains less fat but still contains the nutritional benefits of dairy.



Thanks to tasty OudenDijk Lactose-free cheese, even those with lactose-intolerance can tuck into a delicious piece of cheese without worrying. 


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